Welcome to ECObrasa, coconut shell charcoal that solves all the problems of traditional charcoal. Its exclusive care and treatment without any chemical provides exceptional quality parameters.

If you use a coal flameless who cooked at high temperatures, it is clean, save space, in addition to economic and ecological genuinely, and that its packaging is practical and neat, ECObrasa is the answer to your wishes.

What’s New!

1 piece Fire Starter                                              conllamaOKac

NEWS! We introduced the ECObrasa fire starters, manufactured with the same efficiency, clineliness and ecological critteria than Ecobrasa’s coal. Produced with Coal’s Fiber. ECOLOGICAL, and don’t produce toxic smoke. It will be the perfect complement for ECObrasa’s coal, the whole process will be completed with the more cleaneliness and ecological way. It has a duration of 12 and 15 minuts with flame of 10 to 12 cm. It is presented in boxes of 24 tablets. Fast and practic for BARBACUES, CHIMNEY and other uses. They can be preserved indefinitely.