Welcome to the new website of ECObrasa, the coconut shell charcoal that solves all the problems of traditional charcoal. Its exclusive care and treatment without any chemical provides exceptional quality parameters.


If you want to use a charcoal flameless who cooked at high temperatures, it’s clean, saves space, in addition to genuinly economic and ecological, and that its packaging is practical and neat, ECObrasa is the answer to your wishes.


For it’s exceptional features in temperature, burning time, cleanleness, easy lighting and eficient storage, not to forget the thrift advantatges, ECObrasa is the perfect fuel for the restaurant grills.

With ECObrasa you are only going to use the charcoal you need, and you can react in 5 minutes flat to a higher requirement due to an unexpected increase of customers. Without flame and hardly any smoke, a minimum solid residue, the cleaning and maintenance of your grill and smoke extractor is easier.

Using our briquettes, you can take small grills to the restaurant tables, available in the market, so your customers can actually BBQ themselves. This is an interessant alternative that many restaurants offer already.

If you wish to receive further information about ECObrasa for restaurants, please do not hesitate to contact us further.

All about ECObrasa

Action Launch

Our aim is that you enjoy BBQ right from the start using probably the best ecological coconut shell there is.
To this effect ECObrasa proposes you a pack that includes a 10 Kg box, our exclusive coconut husk fire starters, both of them without any added chemicals, as well as a 1 Kg charcoal starter.

ECObrasa’s Origin

The coconut tree, also known in some places as “the tree of life”, yields several harvests a year. Many products are obtained from its fruit, and the shells, which used to be a waste, are now collected by many small farming communities for ECObrasa. This creates job opportunities and provides extra daily income to many people in under developed regions producing coconuts.

The equivalent of 1.000 kg of ECObrasa is a minimum of 2.500 kg of lump charcoal.
With present technology in semi developed or developing countries, to obtain 2.500 kg of lump charcoal, 15.000 kg of fresh wood are needed (factor 1:6).
Applying the average size / weight per tree needed for the production of lump charcoal, in between 50 to 75 trees have to be felled in order to acquire those 15.000 kg of wood,
(10-20 cm dbh = 200-300 kg), precisely the quantity of trees that ECObrasa avoids having to cut per every 1.000 kg of briquettes we produce, allowing them to continuously absorb part of the CO2 that we constantly spew to the atmosphere, and that by contrast is the lifeline of our woods and rain forests.

ECObrasa’s Fire Starters

NEW! We introduce the ECObrasa fire starters, manufactured with the same efficiency, cleaneliness and ecological critteria tan ECObrasa’s coal.

Produced with coconut’s fiber. ECOLOGICAL, don’t produce toxic smoke.

It’s the perfect complement for ECObrasa’s coal, the whole process will be done in the more cleaneliness and ecological way. They have a duration of 12 to 15 minuts, with a flame of 10 to 12 cm.

It presents in bags of 24 tablets. Fast and practics for BARBACUES, CHIMNEY and other uses. They preserved indefinitely.