Contrary to lump charcoal, ECObrasa briquettes do not require an air flow to combust, neither physical contact with each other to remain active, and therefore, they can be spread in a slit less surface in one layer instead of on a hip. This feature, together with it’s slow burning (in between 2-3 hours) and its high calorific value, reduces greatly the consumption of charcoal.

Comparativa Consum Carbó Vegetal & Ecobrasa

Depending on the exposure to the air and the type of BBQ, 1 kg (ca. 33 Briquettes) of Ecobrasa is equivalent to in between 2 or 2 ½ kg of traditional lump charcoal. Time saving in handling, storage and cleaning are also economical additional advantages to consider.

Disposició Briquetes en 1 capa

For a private barbecue, 1 Kg. is enough for 6 or 7 people, but the long burning hours make it possible to roast continuously for many more. 30 briquettes properly spread take up a space of aprox. 30×30 cm.

In the next graphic we see the next performance of ECObrasa than other brand of coal.