ECObrasa is a commercial product but at the same time it’s also a genuine ecological initiative. The base of our charcoal is the coconut shell of the species Cocos Nucifera, which must not be mistaken with the Oil-Palm tree (Elaeis Guineensis). To meet the growing demand, large areas of tropical forests have been converted to oil-palm tree plantations, causing severe deforestation, a serious environmental problem reported and exposed by prestigious organizations such as Greenpeace or WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

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Ecobrasa uses
ONLY the coconut shells from Cocos Nucifera species, and from groves dated as far back as the 19th Century. Not a single tree is felled to produce
ECObrasa, contributing therefore to the preservation of the rainforest, the habitat of many endangered species and the lungs of our planet, producing well over 20% of the world’s oxygen by continuously recycling carbon dioxide.

The combustion of ECObrasa produces no sulphur toxic gases. It’s a clean, sustainable and renewable energy source.

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