ECObrasa’s fans

Large barbecue lovers, true connoisseurs of the differences between the properties of different coals, appreciate ECObrasa.

Juan Manuel Benayas, owner of “La Carboneria” Madrid has ECObrasa among the most recommended to its customers.


Although it may seem strange, in Central Europe they are very fond of barbecues, while dining organize competitions that from starters to desserts are prepared on the grill. The group “Lowland Smokers” has won the competition several times, always using ECObrasa. If you enter their website you will see how you can reach enjoyed a good barbecue with friends.


The Bahí & Guell designers present their BBQ “Caliu” a modern concept that elevates the grill to the highest levels of domestic and gastronomic design. For a product of this level, its creators recommend ECObrasa. They also propose a full menu of sophisticated recipes to be prepared for your barbecue.